Clicking on the image to the left will open up my "official" resumé as it stood when I finished my corporate career in the US in 1996.

And my resumé is really only here to flesh out my "corporate" life a little for anyone interested, as it's certainly not intended to generate any interest from a potential employer now.

Stylistically, it's very "American" as it was drawn up for use in the US when I thought my summer sailing sabbatical in 1996 would only last 6 months.

When I started interviewing with large corporate names (such as Unilever and Pepsi) in the autumn of 1996 I found that my enthusiasm had waned somewhat during my absence from the senior executive daily grind, particularly as the issues those businesses faced were exactly the same as those I had been dealing with for the previous 5, maybe even 10, years.

I decided I didn't want to continue living a corporate "Groundhog Day" life, so looked at starting my own business via the franchise route - computer graphic sign stores and photo-developing stores being the eventual front-runners.

Life intervened, however, and instead I very nearly bought into a sailboat business... Although I very fortunately didn't write the check to buy into the business, I DID buy their last piece of inventory as they went under - and that led to my couple of years of sailing the US east coast and Caribbean before starting my boat dealership in Connecticut in 2000...

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