Sailing to the Caribbean

5,000 miles on a 43' powercat

US east coast on a 24' powercat

Meandering in the USA in an RV


My first photo-journal was written (and uploaded on-line) to record my sailing trip to the Caribbean over the winter of 1998-99, both for my own pleasure and to keep friends and family updated on my travels.

Although my second and third photo-journals (powercat trips) were also written partly for my own satisfaction, they were primarily intended as publicity vehicles to support my boat dealership, as the boats on which these trips were undertaken were models that the business represented.

The final photo-journal - my meanderings in the USA in an RV over the winter of 1014-15 - was written largely for my own entertainment.

Sailing trip

43' powercat trip

24' powercat trip

RV meandering